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We welcome Outdoorsman Camo to the PillowPack Family. Featuring a NEON Hunter’s Orange zipper. In trendy military camo, this elite fabric features flame-retardant by TenCate. It’s quality, softness, and protection are what you need for you life of exploration.

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Launch yourself into the world of Bringing More outdoors! Roll your clothes, insert your gear, zip and go. Bring more to an outdoor adventure, and take you’ll have everything you need to be prepared (including a pillow for a comfy quick snooze!)

Travel Smart: The Clasp and O-ring allow the PillowPack to be securely attached to a personal item during the walking part of exploration.

Disclaimer: Do not clasp the connection closed while wearing the PillowPack around your neck. This is a safety precaution for your precious neck. Do not chew on the hook, zipper or O-ring.

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Weight 3.05 oz
Dimensions 7 × 3 × 1 in


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