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The Waiting Game

We’ve all had to do it. It’s not fun. It sucks! It’s life.

What’s that, you ask? The waiting game… waiting for an answer, waiting for test results, waiting for a callback. No matter what you are waiting for, time ticks slowly. P-a-i-n-f-u-l-l-y slowly.

I am in the waiting zone. I am waiting to hear from Shark Tank to see if I made the cut, get to take the next step, continue the adventure in a big way.

PillowPack will move forward with or without Shark Tank, but it would be wildly exciting to proceed to Door #2!

I am finding that I am growing in mental toughness. I’ve always thought of myself as resilient, but I am now adding the word TOUGH.

While I wait, I am committed to using my time wisely. (Not waste it on anxiety and worrying. God has my back.)

  • I am analyzing the market and strategizing for exposure and growth. It’s kind of exciting in its own way.
  • I am streamlining the PillowPack construction process for efficiency and cost.
  • I am researching large scale manufacturers.
  • I am working on my other business, Color Street Nails.
  • I am catching up on household tasks.
  • I am enjoying the ride of a lifetime!

In my research, I am coming across so many travel bloggers and minimalist bloggers, giving voice to new and unique ideas and adventures. Who knew?

It is enlightening and exciting. I feel it expanding my entrepreneurial world. My dreams.

How do you handle waiting? Leave a comment below with any tips you have found useful.