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Our Story

My health was restored and we were taking our kids to the ocean for the first time. It was a huge celebration trip after three grueling years of illness.

Resort is booked … but wait: we have to pay how much per suitcase–per person–per leg–Seriously? I wanted to spend every dollar on fun. I dug my heels in. I will not spend money on baggage fees. I will spend my money on what matters. I want to look my kids in the eye and tell them, “Whatever excursions you want to take, we will! We will go on the best adventures!” (After too many excruciating no’s.)

I lost serious sleep plotting. I was determined. I’m searching for under-utilized space on an airplane. Ah-ha. It’s perfect! Remove the fluffy stuffing, fill it with necessities, and thus, the PillowPack was born. 

How PillowPack Began

I began sewing samples, perfecting the pocket, the fabric, the image. I was shocked that no one owned a patent on a zippered, packable neck pillow for travel storage and comfort. It is a gift from God placed in our laps…or more accurately: on our necks!

I knew in my heart I wanted to manufacture these here, in the USA. I love where we live and I love our neighbors. I want all of us to prosper. 

I am so very proud to bring you the PillowPack, so you can invest in adventures, not baggage fees. I can’t wait to see your travels! #teamcarryon

xoxo, Amber

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