pilllowpack: a neck pillow you pack


The neck pillow you pack: PillowPack

Don't bring the pillow fluff, Pack your important stuff

Kiss Luggage Fees Goodbye!

Remember your last trip? Waiting behind 40 people to check-in your bag? Remember that time your bag weighed 1 pound over? And, don’t forget hauling all your suitcases the length of the airport, and the worst: “You lost my luggage?!?”

Breeze past baggage lines and fees with PillowPack.

A travel pillow Packed with Possibilities!

Packed inside: Three shirts, One pullover, One pair of leggings, One skirt, Four pair of socks, Toothbrush, Nail file, Dental floss, Permanent marker, Mascara, Drivers license, Credit card, Granola bar, Hair comb, Smart phone, Lip balm, Business card, Travel itinerary, Cash, & Color Street nails. (clothing size: Large)

PillowPack is invisible to airlines as baggage

Your new suitcase: Pack your clothes in this apparel item.

Bring more clothing on an airplane; It’s not a suitcase, it’s not a personal item. It’s a clothing accessory.

Bring an empty PillowPack for your return flight when all your belongings no longer fit in your suitcase. (It’s not only me, is it?!:)

Pack a change of clothes and essentials so you can tan on the beach waiting for your lost luggage to arrive! 

Pack a PillowPack with clothing and bring a smaller bag. Traveling with less stuff is less stress. And less cost.

Ask yourself: “What experiences will I invest in?” … “What extra excursions will I take?” … “What luxury will I treat myself to?” And message me: I want to know what you choose !.

It's certainly not a carry-on!

tic-tac-toe 3 pillowpacks in a row


Fully utilizing a common travel comfort item.


Quality stretch in perfect travel gray: with a splash of color!


Pack clothes & personal items inside to skip baggage fees.

building sand castles

The PillowPack makes its debut at the perfect time of travel

Benefits of Packing Light

  • As baggage fees rise and travel is commonplace, it is a waste of money and a physical burden to bring excess with you.
  • America is (almost) post-materialism: We are tired of our stuffed houses and the debt our spending binges bring. We are heavily burdened.
  • We desire experiences over materialism.
  • Less is more.
  • Tiny Houses, and the gift of Sweden — IKEA — are changing the way we live, what we value owning, and how we travel. And don’t forget all the Tidying Up that’s happening!!

Traveling with less
stuff is less stress.

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