pilllowpack: a neck pillow you pack


The neck pillow you pack: PillowPack

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A genius use of space for a great snooze

PillowPack is atypical luggage — disguised as a neck pillow! — so you can bring more on a trip. 

Plane, train or automobile: You can bring more on for your journey. PillowPack allows you to keep your valuables close while you sleep, it doesn’t incur an additional bag fee, and holds the equivalent of 8 t-shirts and 4 pair of socks!

Made in KC

Woman-created product,
Woman-owned company

Sustainably-crafted, no-waste manufacturing, woot!

Avoid Germs

Don’t check a bag, keep your valuables close

Aids in touch-free travel in a world of cooties

Unique Gift

Great gift for the adventurer
in your life

For the overpacked and the minimalist alike

Created by a Mom Trying to Save a Buck

Packed inside: Three shirts, One pullover, One pair of leggings, One skirt, Four pair of socks, Toothbrush, Nail file, Dental floss, Permanent marker, Mascara, Drivers license, Credit card, Granola bar, Hair comb, Smart phone, Lip balm, Business card, Travel itinerary, Cash, & Color Street nails. (clothing size: Large)

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PillowPack is invisible to airlines as baggage

It’s not a carryon!
It’s not a personal item!
….It’s like an invisible suitcase.

-Bring an empty PillowPack for your return flight when all your belongings no longer fit in your suitcase. (It’s not only me, is it?!:)

-Pack a change of clothes and essentials so you can tan on the beach waiting for your lost luggage to arrive! 

-Pack a PillowPack with clothing and bring a smaller bag. Traveling with less stuff is less stress. And less cost.

-Ask yourself: “What experiences will I invest in?” … “What extra excursions will I take?” … “What luxury will I treat myself to?” And message me: I want to know what you choose!

Think of how much more you can bring!

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tic-tac-toe 3 pillowpacks in a row


Fully utilize a common travel comfort item.


Quality stretch in travel gray & a splash of color!


Easy to pack, easier to skip baggage fees.

Traveling with less stuff is less stress.

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Word on the Street

Greetings from São Paulo, Brazil. I’m traveling for business and this PillowPack carries everything I need while in flight and layovers. It holds my phone, power bank, an extra change of clothes, jacket, and all my toiletries.
World Traveller
World TravellerCEO
I packed light so my personal item could hold gifts for my 5 grandchildren. I fit a shirt, sweater, 2 pants, 2 socks, underwear and a camisole!!!
JudyPillowPack Enthusiast
Just packed the PillowPack! 1 pair workout pants, workout top, 2 pair of socks, 2 silk pillowcases, 2 pair of pajamas, workout bra, underwear and something else that I have even forgotten!!!
LisaPillowPack Traveller
I wish I had seen this before I went to Hawaii! Your video was magic!
MorganFacebook Friend
At the airport ready for our trip! No bags to check in, thanks to PillowPack!!!
Lynn & Candice
Lynn & Candice
We just got ours!!! It is amazing, well-made, and super functional!
I wish I’d had a PillowPack last year when I sat next to the World’s Stinkiest Man on a 10 hour flight. It would have been nice to cover my face and filter the air with my own fresh laundry… rather than the toxic chemical foam in my old neck pillow! Thank you for saving the world one air filter at a time 🙂

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